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Our school, located amid the mountains of the Adirondack Park in northern New York, is one of two buildings in our district and we house grades 7 through 12. Accredited by New York Board of Regents and recognized by the New York State Education Department and the New York State Board of Regents as one of “New York State’s highest achievement reward school” in the state, we are regarded as one of the leaders of academics, technology, arts, music, and athletics in our area and New York State. Our mission is to ensure that faculty, staff, students and parents work to share the responsibility for educating our students. Our commitment is to develop well-informed, productive, socially accountable world citizens. We challenge the potential of each individual by promoting the highest  standards of scholarship, achievement and integrity. We have a  strong diverse curriculum which prepares all students for the standards of New York State. We presently offer six Advanced Placement courses, a work co-op program (CEIP), and 6 college credit courses held on our campus which can earn the student 12+ college credits before they graduate. 

We are always interested in feedback from our parents and community and would welcome your comments and suggestions. Please stop-by, phone, or e-mail me if you wish to contact me.

Mr. Francis J. Cocozza, Principal

School Hours

The doors of the Jr.-Sr. High School are unlocked at 7:30 a.m. Students who arrive after the 8 a.m. morning bell will have to stop by the Attendance Office to sign in and receive a pass to go to Guide-Room or class. 

Bell Schedule

View the Grades 7 – 12 bell schedules for regular days, One-Hour Delay days, Two-Hour Delay days, Half Days, PM Assembly, and Extended Guideroom.


An excellent attendance record is a top priority in the Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School. The staff will make every effort to help students achieve positive and productive patterns of attendance. Frequent absences lead to serious gaps in the educational sequence and subsequent understanding for future progress. Note: Missing a double period class is equivalent to missing two class days. To participate fully in class, students must be present. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to comply with New York State Education Law, which mandates that children be in attendance every day that school is in session. The following are the only legal excuses for absence:

  • Student illness
  • Sickness or death in the family
  • Excused absence for a medical appointment for part of the day
  • Educational/school trip and other activities led by school staff
  • Impassable roads or weather
  • Approved religious observance not regularly scheduled on the school calendar
  • Quarantine
  • Court appearance
  • Attendance at health clinics
  • An approved cooperative work program
  • Pre-approved college visits and military obligations (completed form must be filed in the counseling office)

Attendance will be taken in first period for junior high classes and will be taken in guiderooms for senior high students. Tardiness to the assigned area will be treated the same as if the student was tardy to an assigned first-period class. All senior high students have guiderooms.

Students must be in attendance (illegal/legal-absent/tardy), a minimum of 7 periods and/or at an administrator’s discretion, during the school day, to participate in, and/or attend, extra-curricular activities or sporting events and practices. If a student repeatedly (more than 1x) comes in late or leaves early (or is absent) for any illegal/legal absence/tardy, the principal may request documentation. Without such documentation, they may be banned from participating in and or attending extracurricular activities or sporting events/practices for that day or days.

A student may be excused from part of the school day for any of the above reasons by written or verbal notification to the school counseling, attendance, nursing, or main office. Students excused by the School Nurse because of illness may only be released to someone at his/her home residence who is over 18 years of age. School staff routinely contact parents of students who are absent. Parents are asked to call the school to report absences. A note, signed by a parent or legal guardian, which includes the student’s name, date of absence, and reason for absence must be turned in to the attendance office upon return to school. If this is not done detention for the following day will be assigned to the student.

Students attending BOCES/CTE programs are under the same attendance guidelines as those established at the home school.

If a student is absent from school for three or more consecutive days due to illness, homework assignments may be requested by calling the main office at (518) 668-5452. The assignments may be picked up in the main office the day following the actual request.

View the Student Handbook for more information about attendance, absence, and tardiness.

Code of Conduct

The Board of Education of Lake George Central School District is committed to providing a safe and orderly school environment where all students may receive and District personnel may deliver quality educational services without disruption or interference.

View the Lake George Central School District Code of Conduct.

Student Handbook

The Jr.-Sr. High School Student Handbook contains a lot of information, which is indexed for easier reference. We ask that you take some time to pay particular attention to the section on Student Policies and the Eligibility Policy. It is our intent to be very clear about our expectations so that students can make the best choices possible. Our goal is to provide quality education for all students in a safe and orderly environment. School and home need to work together to make that happen. After you review the handbook and discuss it with your child, please sign on the signature page located on the back page of this handbook, remove it from the handbook and have your student return it to his/her guideroom adviser. No special privileges, including senior privileges, will be given until we have these signatures on file.

View the Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School Handbook.

Program of Studies

Click here to preview a PDF of the 2024-2025 Senior High School Program of Studies

Click here to view a 2023-2024 PDF version of the Junior High School Program of Studies

Click here to view a 2023-2024 PDF version of the Senior High School Program of Studies

Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School

381 Canada Street | Lake George, NY 12845
Phone: 518-668-5452 | Fax: 518-668-3796
Principal: Francis J. Cocozza