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Why a School Counselor?

Today’s young people are living in an exciting time, with an increasingly diverse society, new technologies and expanding opportunities. To help ensure that they are prepared to become the next generation of parents, workers, leaders and citizens, every student needs support, guidance and opportunities during childhood, a time of rapid growth and change. Children face unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that have an impact on academic achievement.

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Students’ Developmental Needs

The elementary and secondary years are a time when students begin to develop their academic self-concept and their feelings of competence and confidence as learners. They are beginning to develop decision-making, communication and life skills, as well as character values. It is also a time when students develop and acquire attitudes toward school self, peers, social groups and family. Comprehensive developmental school counseling programs provide education, prevention and intervention services, which are integrated into all aspects of student’s lives. Early identification and intervention of student’s academic and personal/social needs is essential in removing barriers to learning and in promoting academic achievement. The knowledge, attitudes and skills that students acquire in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development during these years serve as the foundation for future success.

Meeting the Challenge

School counselors are professional educators with a mental health perspective who understand and respond to the challenges presented by today’s diverse student population.  Counselors don’t work in isolation; rather they are integral to the total educational program. They provide proactive leadership that engages all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to help students achieve school success. Professional school counselors align with the school’s mission to support the academic achievement of all students as they prepare for the ever-changing world of the 21st century. This mission is accomplished through the design, development, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive, developmental and systematic school counseling program. ASCA’s National Standards in the academic, career, and personal/social domains are the foundation for this work. The ASCA National Model: A Framework For School Counseling Programs (ASCA, 2002), with its data-driven and results-based focus, serves as a guide for today’s school counselor who is uniquely trained to implement this program.

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Stephen Preuss
Counseling Department Chairperson
School Counselor – Grades 10-12

518-668-5452 Ext. 1224
Stephen Preuss

Jennifer Dell’olio
School Counselor – Grades 7-9
518-668-5452 Ext. 1225

Jennifer Dell’olio

Kristen Crisler
Counseling Center Administrative Assistant – Grades 7-12
518-668-5452 Ext. 1226
Kristen Crisler

Sarah Dillman
School Psychologist – Grades K-12
518-668-5452  ext. 1218
Sarah Dillman

Scott Smith
Social Worker – Grades 7-12

518-668-5452 Ext. 1229
Scott Smith