Comprehensive K-12 Instructional Programing

The Lake George Central School District is committed to a comprehensive K-12 instructional program using best practices to personalize opportunities that empower all students to be lifelong learners, leaders and global citizens. Accredited by New York Board of Regents and recognized as leaders of academics, technology, arts, music, and athletics in our area and New York State. We have a  strong diverse curriculum which aligns to the New York State Learning Standards, following the implementation timeline for the Next Generation Standards. We presently offer: 

  • 9 Advanced Placement courses
  • Work co-op program (CEIP)
  • 8 college credit courses held on our campus which can earn the student college credits before they graduate
  • K-12 STEM Education
  • Business Program
  • Career & Technical Education
  • Early College Career Academy,
  • Leader In Me
  • Rock Solid
  • Various Extra Curricular Activities

The district is proud to consistently rank highly on the New York State Report Card and remain committed to fostering academic and personal excellence for all students.

Grade Promotion / Placement Policy

Elementary School

We understand that children move forward at different rates, without consideration for grade barriers. Decisions to spend an additional year at a grade level are considered carefully with all factors considered.

Click here to view the LGES RTI/AIS Response to Intervention & Academic Intervention Services Plan.

Jr.-Sr. High School

Seventh graders can earn a possible 8.5 units of study. Students must earn 6.5 units of study, (unless a unit of study is exempted based on his/her I.E.P.) 4 of the units must be in English, social studies, math, and science. Students may earn only 2 units in summer school but must have at least a 55 average in the subject at the end of the school year to be eligible to attend summer school. Students who do not pass his/her foreign language will be assigned to a foreign language A.I.S. lab in 8th grade.

Eighth graders can earn a possible 7.5 units of study. Students must earn 5.5 units, 4 of them must be in English, foreign language, social studies, math, and science. Students may earn 2 units in summer school but must have at least a 55 average in the course at the end of the year to attend. Students who do not pass the foreign language class and the final exam in 8th grade may repeat the language class to earn the required one high school credit. If a student fails both the class and the final exam, he/she must repeat the 8th-grade language class.

9th graders through 12th graders will be promoted to the next grade level, each year, provided they have earned at least the total units of credit shown below:

  1. 5 units of credit to become a sophomore
  2. 10 units of credit to become a junior
  3. Enough units of credit to be able to schedule all remaining graduation requirements to become a senior

If a student does not earn the required credits shown above, then he/she will not advance to the next grade level with his/her original Cohort group, which will affect his/her guideroom placement as well as his/her ability to participate in activities (ex. Junior prom, Senior ball, class trips, class meetings, etc.) with his/her original cohort. If a student does not have enough credits to graduate with his/her class, he/she will not be included in graduation ceremonies. Students must earn a total of 22 credits and meet specific requirements explained in the program of studies to be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies with their cohort group. If a tenth-grade student is likely to “miss” their junior year status because their academic achievement suggests they will have made up their credit shortfall, they will be dealt with on an individual basis regarding junior prom and other junior activities. Students with an IEP will have grade-level placement determined by the committee on special education.

Students who fail both English and social studies will not be allowed to double up English and social studies in the same year. A student who fails either English or Social Studies and has earned the required 55% average is encouraged to take the subject in summer school. With the approval of the department chairperson and his/her
counselor, a student may double up in the subject they failed, but this is not recommended as it may have a serious impact on scheduling and chances for success in either subject.

The policy for athletics is that once an athlete completes his/her 4-year eligibility, he/she cannot take part in his/her fifth year of activities. The policy for student council is that students shall only be qualified for an election to a class office or student council representative if they have met the academic eligibility requirements during each quarter of the year in which the election is held.

Click here to view the LG Jr.-Sr. High School RTI/AIS Response to Intervention & Academic Intervention Services Plan.


Megan Coker
Director of Curriculum, Technology, and Innovation
Megan Coker