Lake George Students Welcome Ballston Spa for School and Americade Tour

Students from the Lake George Central School District (LGCSD) hosted nine students from Ballston Spa Central School District for a day of school tours, camaraderie, and a taste of Americade.

Six LGCSD students, who honed their leadership skills in a social skills class, served as guides, leading the Ballston Spa students on a tour of the Jr.-Sr. High School building.

The day kicked off with a tour led by the student leaders, followed by lunch prepared by Chef Jeff of LGCSD, for all the participants. In the afternoon, the group enjoyed an “open mic” cafe event in the school cafeteria, creating a spirit of connection and creativity.

“This event has been beyond exciting,” said Abby Lynch, LGCSD special education teacher. “I am thrilled to collaborate with another school and provide this unique experience for our students. It shows how proud they are of their school and community.”

Their day ended with a fun tour of Lake George Village. Students and staff immersed themselves in the sights and sounds of Americade, a week-long motorcycle festival that brings the village to life with over 50,000 riders. 

“The school atmosphere is calm and cozy,” said Melissa Birch, Ballston Spa special education teacher. “It’s somewhere you would want to be all day long. The students from Lake George took the lead and my students were responding very well to the kids. It has been very rewarding.”

This collaborative experience provided an opportunity for students from both districts to build friendships, showcase leadership skills, and celebrate the unique atmosphere of Lake George during Americade.