The Counseling Vision of Lake George Central School District is that of a comprehensive developmental school counseling program working collaboratively as a team with the school staff, parents, and the school community to create an effective and successful school climate and atmosphere. The programming behind the development of any or all services delivered will be based on the core character traits of the SEARCH Institute (Cooperation, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Citizenship, Fairness).  These guiding principles will provide education, prevention, early identification, and intervention to attempt to help all students achieve academic success.

Zoe Chodak
School Counselor – Grades K-6

Tori Coddington
Elementary School Social Worker – Grades K-6
518-668-5714  ext. 4006 

Sarah Dillman
School Psychologist – Grades K-12
518-668-5452  ext. 1218

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Lake George Elementary School

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Principal: James Conway