Tetra Tech Architects Visit Lake George Schools

Students at Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School received a visit on Thursday, Nov. 30 from architects at Tetra Tech, the firm behind the design of the school district’s new state-of-the-art transportation facility. Tetra Tech architects held presentations for several classes, explaining their design process and highlighting unique elements of the modern building.

“We wanted to give students an inside look at the considerations that go into designing a functional, sustainable facility like this,” said Tetra Tech  architect Sean O’Brien. “It’s not just about what looks good, but what works well for the needs of the transportation staff and the environment.”

O’Brien outlined various facets of the new building such as flow of the design to ensure the facility was safe and at optimal functionality so buses could be easily worked on, used, and stored. He then engaged students in discussions about which design choices they found most interesting.

The highlight of the visit was allowing students to explore the new transportation facility virtually via 3D models and VR goggles. Students were able to immerse themselves in the virtual environment and get a sense of the building’s layout and features. The student response was overwhelmingly positive. Many students expressed appreciation for the first-hand learning experience and getting a sneak-peek at the facility itself.