LGES Library Thrives with Engaging Programs

Lake George Elementary School is creating a vibrant learning environment within its library, outside of school hours, thanks to the innovative programs spearheaded by librarian Bridget Crossman and library aide Renee Chance. This year, their efforts have resulted in outstanding student participation, with roughly 75% of each grade level actively engaging in the library’s after-school activities.

Crossman has strategically designed the programming to cater to students’ interests, tailoring each season’s offerings to reflect what students are talking about and their ideas. This student-centered approach has led to exciting initiatives, such as the inaugural grade-level trivia competition, which drew enthusiastic participation. 

Library is my favorite special,” said fifth-grader Lily Steves. “They have so many programs and I love all of them.”

Another highlight, the “Reading Cafe,” involved students preparing snacks with Food Service Director Chef Jeff and then serving up their culinary creations to their families. During the activity, families had the opportunity to preview the book fair’s offerings through a “menu of books.” This event seamlessly blended the joy of reading with a fun social experience.

Earth Day celebrations were also extended into the library, with students learning about environmental awareness and creating birdhouses by using recycled materials from the cafeteria. 

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the LGES library is planning an activity where students will create piñatas using recycled book pages. This activity not only shows students the festive spirit of the day but also serves as an opportunity to introduce students to different cultures and celebrations, enriching their understanding of different cultures.

Looking ahead, the library plans to continue its successful “Books and Beaches” program this summer, exposing students to new locations and encouraging summer reading. Additionally, open library hours will be returning, providing students with continued access to resources and a welcoming environment throughout the summer months.

The LGES library’s commitment to creating dynamic programs has led to exceptional student engagement. By prioritizing student interests and fostering a sense of community, Crossman and Chance are ensuring that the library remains a central hub for learning and enjoyment.