Lake George CSD #1 in Region State Testing

Lake George Elementary and Junior High School students showed exemplary academic achievement on the 2022-2023 New York State math and ELA testing in April and May of 2023. With a 73% proficiency in English Language Arts and a 72% average proficiency in math, Lake George placed 31 in ELA and 67 in New York State. The scores also put Lake George Central School District in first place in regional schools across upstate NY. 

The New York State Education Department reports that 48% of students tested in grades 3-8 demonstrated proficiency in English Language Arts. Meanwhile, 52% of assessed children demonstrated proficiency in math on average throughout the state. 

Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School Principal, Francis Cocozza said, “These scores are a testament to the dedication of our teachers, students, and parents and the hard work they put in.” 

The results of the examinations in 2022 and 2023 should not be compared to those from prior years, according to the New York State Education Departments, as they evaluate different learning requirements. For a few years now, the department has advised against comparing the findings, most notably because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“While I’m equally pleased with our student’s high level of participation and success in all of our co-curriculars, academic success should always be celebrated,” Lake George Elementary Principal Conway said. “These test scores are a credit to our strong curriculum and the hard work of our teachers and students and the support of our families.”