January Staff Spotlight: Rene Palmer

Rene Palmer has been a part of the Lake George School community since October 2007. As the District Treasurer, she plays a key role in handling various financial responsibilities alongside assisting the Business Administrator.

What makes working at Lake George special for Rene? It’s a combination of factors—the beautiful location, the office being situated in the within the high school surrounded by students, and the overall “family” feel within the district. The atmosphere at Lake George School is something she truly values.

Rene cherishes the many friendships with colleagues. One of her favorite memories involves the question, “Are we on the Northway?” adding some humor to the business work.

Outside of school, Rene enjoys music, both listening to it and attending live performances. She also dedicates time to her kids’ various activities, finding joy in moments spent outdoors, and walking her dog. Thank you Rene, for your service and dedication to our school district!