The student advisory committee at Lake George Central School District is announcing the finalists for the district’s new nickname.

In January, students were briefed on the NYSED directive and given the opportunity to learn more about the history of Lake George Central School District, the logo, mascot, and nickname. Students then became liaisons between the school district, the student body, and the greater community through a series of meetings and events. In June, through a survey the community was able to provide nickname suggestions. 

On Monday, the committee released four finalists: Lake George Falcons; Lake George Islanders; Lake George Lakers; and Lake George Owls. (Alphabetical Order). Each selection was reviewed by the committee and each nickname’s choice is explained thoroughly in the voting process. This survey will conclude the new nickname process and the nickname with the highest percentage of votes will become the new nickname for the Lake George Central School District.

  • Falcons – (Peregrine) Falcons was a popular choice in the survey, meets guiding principles, are local to the LG/Adirondack region, and they are currently endangered. They are one of the fastest birds on earth, represent strength and can honor our local environment. 
  • Islanders – Islanders was a popular choice in the survey, meets guiding principles, and pertains specifically to Lake George which is home to over 170 islands. The pristine water and islands make camping and visiting the islands a favorite thing to do for our community. 
  • Lakers – Lakers was a popular choice in both surveys, meets guiding principles, and is part of the Lake George School history as it was the nickname for our school during the 1920’s, 1930’s, and early 1940’s. The community is unified by the Lake and takes great pride in all that it offers the community and region.
  • Owls – Owls was a popular choice in the survey, meets guiding principles, and are native to the LG/ADK region. Owls are wise, brave, fast and the nickname would be unique but relevant to our area. 

“We had over 270 suggestions from the community. These are the final candidates from the committee who have worked diligently to incorporate the guiding principles and district values. We have had a thorough process led by our students since last fall and we are excited to find out what nickname will be selected by the community,” said Superintendent John Luthringer. 

The final survey will remain open until Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at 8:00 am. The student advisory group will announce the winner that day, followed by a collaborative rebranding process in the fall.

The community can go to the Lake George Central School District can follow the QR code, or visit to vote.