Strategic Plan

The Lake George Central School District is guided by a Strategic Plan that was developed through a thoughtful, collaborative, community-wide, evidence-based approach. 

To view a PDF version of the 2021 strategic plan click here


The Lake George Central School District will personalize opportunities that empower all students to be lifelong learners, leaders and global citizens.


To foster academic and personal excellence, responsibility and cultural awareness, we are dedicated to creating: 

  • An engaging and innovative learning environment for each student
  • A comprehensive K-12 instructional program using best practices
  • Student connections to extra-curricular opportunities
  • An appreciation for diversity and local traditions  


C – Collaboration

– Respect

E – Excellence

A – Accountability

T – Trust

E – Empathy

The district’s mission, vision, values, and goals were first articulated and adopted by the LGCSD Board of Education in 2017. This initial Strategic Plan was developed by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPARC) which consisted of stakeholders from parents, students, staff, community members, Board of Education members, and administrators. 

In 2020, as the three-year plan was coming to an end, the Board of Education tasked the district with reviewing and revising the Strategic Plan as necessary, while holding to the original mission, vision, and values. 

While the COVID school closure derailed the timeline, the committee continued to consider shifting environmental factors, new state mandates, district priorities, and district trends when making decisions about adjustments to goals and actions to meet the district vision and mission.  

The Result

The original five goals were honed to three:  

1. CREATE Values 

By focusing on the district’s core values of Collaboration, Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Trust, and Empathy, we will cultivate mindsets and behaviors for success and wellbeing. 

2. Raise the Bar

The district will continue to empower students to achieve local, national, and global academic standards at essential proficiency levels.

3.  Close the Gap

The district will continue efforts to increase the proficiency rate of target subgroups.

To achieve the goals and objectives, the district will develop an action plan that includes identifying a profile of what success looks like at LGCSD. The action plan will also include strategies to cultivate success and wellbeing for the whole child, including personal and academic growth. 

Strategies for Personal Growth:

  • Foster a community and culture to support success and wellbeing
  • Create a profile of success and wellbeing for a Lake George student targeting skills and competencies of social-emotional learning, leadership, college and career readiness, equity, and inclusion
  • Align and integrate existing tools, programs, curricula K-12 
  • Determine how success will be measured.  Where are we finding success and where are there gaps? 

** Engage more voices in the process.

Strategies for Academic Growth:

  • Gather and analyze data, set cut-point/benchmarks
  • Identify areas of need
  • Create an intervention plan
  • Progress monitor
  • Analyze data and conduct regular assessments of progress towards goal (i.e. RTI meetings)
  • Evaluate and improve existing programs (i.e. Tier 1, 2, and 3 programs or ELA & Math curricular programs)

By recentering on the foundation of strategic planning while being mindful of shifting environmental factors, the district is reenergized to help students develop skills,  competencies, and standards that epitomize lifelong learning, leading, and global citizenship.