A Unique Midterm Assessment for Business Students

The Lake George High School entrepreneurship class spent the first semester welcoming distinguished entrepreneurs as guest speakers, providing students with a unique opportunity to gain insights from real-world business leaders.

Mike Seale of Boulders Resort and Adirondack Car Wash with business students

The class, led by Karen Breslin, aims to equip students with practical knowledge and experiences related to entrepreneurship. Recognizing the value of firsthand perspectives from successful entrepreneurs, each student personally invited esteemed guests who have made significant contributions to the business world.  This “midterm” required each student to: construct two professional emails to their guest, meet with and escort their guest to the classroom, introduce their guest to the class and facilitate a 40 minute discussion focusing on questions the students prepared in advance.  

The guest speakers included:

Mike Seale: Boulders Resort, Adirondack Car Wash
Robert Kellogg: Warren Tire
Michele Neidermeyer: Traveling Paints and ETSY Shop
Marcy Reisinger:  LG Communications Liaison
Robert Guarini: Founder of Green Park Management
Jed Armstrong: Armstrong Stairs
Adam Pensel: Boats by George
David Doster: Amsel Medical, VSP Medical
Stephanie Benn: Turmeric Store
Stu Kuby: Hudson River Music Hall
Mark French: The Lagoon, Blue 32
Michael Gates Gates Cemetery Monuments

During their sessions, the entrepreneurs shared their personal journeys, challenges faced, and lessons learned while building and growing their businesses. The interactive discussions allowed students to ask questions, seek advice, and engage in meaningful conversations with the guest speakers.

The students appreciated the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and found inspiration in the real-world stories shared by the guest speakers. Many highlighted the practical applicability of the lessons learned, emphasizing the importance of such interactions in shaping their entrepreneurial mindset as they begin developing their own business plan which will serve as their course final.

Adam Pensel of Boats by George with business students

The Entrepreneurship class at Lake George remains committed to providing students with a comprehensive education that goes beyond textbooks, incorporating real-world experiences to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.