10 FBLA Students Qualify for Nationals

Congratulations to all the LGHS students who participated in this week’s FLBA State Leadership Conference. Ten Lake George students are national qualifiers from the FBLA State Leadership Conference that was held at Rochester Riverside Convention Center from April 19-April 2. Over 700 students from 55 NYS schools participated.

students at fbla contest

10 National Qualifiers by Placement:

Tiffany Cornelius,1st Place in Accounting 2 AND 2nd Place, Spreadsheet Applications

Nathan Hohman, 1st Place in Business Law

Mila Pernell-Gwinup, 1st Place in Marketing AND 2nd Place in Social Media Strategy

Aazrum Tarar,1st Place in Digital Animation AND 2nd Place in Intro. To Public Speaking

Valerie Tennyson, 1st Place in Partnership with Business

Anna Richichi, 1st Place in Partnership with Business

Cecil Pratt, 2nd Place in Computer Applications

Alessandria Fasulo, 2nd Place in Intro to Business Presentation AND 4th Place in Healthcare Administration

Prysilla Seale, 2nd Place in Social Media Strategy

Katie Seguljic, 2nd Place in Intro to Business Presentation

All Awards, Alpha by event:

Accounting 2: 1st Place, Tiffany Cornelius

Business Law: 1st Place, Nathan Hohman

Computer Applications: 2nd Place, Cecil Pratt

Digital Animation: 1st Place, Aazrum Tarar

Healthcare Administration: 4th Place, Alessandria Fasulo

Graphic Design: Top 8, Rebecca Pape and Anna Richichi

Introduction to Business Presentation, 2nd Place, Katie Seguljic and Alessandria Fasulo

Introduction to FBLA: 5th, Cecil Pratt

Introduction to Public Speaking: 2nd, Aazrum Tarar

Introduction to Social Media: Top 8, Rebecca Pape and Katie Seguljic

Marketing: 1st Place, Mila Pernell-Gwinup

Partnership with Business: 1st Place, Valerie Tennyson and Anna Richichi

Social Media Strategy: 2nd Place, Prysilla Seale and Mila Pernell-Gwinup

Spreadsheet Applications: 2nd Place, Tiffany Cornelius