Mayor Perry Visits LGES

Lake George Mayor Perry recently visited Lake George Elementary School to talk to the second grade students about his role as mayor and the responsibilities he has to the town of Lake George. Mayor Perry who has been in office since April of this year, answered questions about his roles and responsibilities, including keeping our lake clean, preparing for many events, and keeping people safe. “It’s a big responsibility,” said Perry to the second grade class. 

The students were also interested in how Mayor Perry became mayor. “I petitioned to be on the ballot,” said Perry,  “then I ran unopposed in an election.” He spoke of his fondness for the position and for former Mayor Blais, who retired after 52 years of dedicated service.

One of the most common question that student’s asked was about how the mayor works to keep our lake and mountains clean. He explained that the village has a number of programs in place to protect the environment, such as a salt reduction program and a several clean-up weeks in conjunction with the LGA.

Principal Conway said, “I’m grateful that Mayor Perry visited our students and kept this wonderful tradition alive.  Our students were very excited to ask him their questions and he did a great job answering them all.”