LGHS Science Department Program Sparks Curiosity in Younger Students

During the 2023-2024 school year, Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School’s science department developed a program to introduce fifth and sixth graders to the high school’s science facilities and teachers.

The program launched in October with a beekeeping activity, followed by chemistry experiments in December. January saw students tackle a forensics mystery, while March focused on a lesson about the eclipse.

The program culminated in a gardening and pickling activity in May. During the pickling session, two high school students led stations in the home economics room, working with groups of four to five elementary students. The younger students participated in slicing cucumbers, boiling brine, adding seasonings and garlic, jarring the cucumbers, and labeling them before taking their creations home.

With each session full and students eager for the next, the program created a strong sense of excitement and exploration.

“This year has been a true testament to the collaborative spirit within the science department,” said Tammy Darby, high school science teacher. “We are hopeful to continue this program into the next school year.”