Lake George Seniors take 2nd Place in Environmental Challenge at Envirothon

A team of seniors from Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School, led by science teacher Eric Rosenbrock, recently participated in the 31st Annual Warren/Hamilton County Envirothon, a competition that tests students’ knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management.

Samuel Burns, Oliver Herrick, Brendan Battersea-Manna, and Everett McLarty put their skills to the test, competing against 13 teams from 11 schools within the county. The Envirothon, a nationwide program run by local soil and water conservation districts, provides a unique hands-on learning experience for high school students.

Eric Rosenbrock, Samuel Burns, Oliver Herrick, Everett McLarty, and Brendan Battersea-Manna

Teams compete in five categories: Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soils & Land Use, Wildlife, and a current environmental issue, which this year focused on sustainable adaptations. Students collaborate on decision-making and problem-solving, sharing the excitement and challenges of the competition. Winners at the regional level progress to the state competition, with the top team ultimately vying for the national title. 

The tests used are crafted by specialists in their respective fields, ensuring a comprehensive and challenging assessment of student knowledge. 

The Lake George team demonstrated their skills in various environmental fields, including identifying tree species like ash, sugar maple, and oak in the Forestry section. Industry experts served as proctors to make certain of the accuracy of the competition.

This year, participants in the Warren/Hamilton county competition also received five seedlings each, further promoting environmental stewardship.

Jacob Dunkley, district technician at the Soil and Water Conservation District and a former Envirothon competitor himself, appreciates the competition’s value and would love to see more schools involved. “It’s a great way to learn about the environment, hear from industry professionals, and spend the day in the great outdoors.”

Guest speaker Abe Gadway, a United States Air Force veteran and NYS licensed guide, further enriched the event by sharing his passion for conservation and his experiences growing up in the Adirondacks.

The Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School team’s participation in the Envirothon shows the dedication of both students and educators toward environmental awareness and responsible resource management. 

“It was great to watch the kids work together pulling from each other’s strengths to do as well as they did,” Mr. Rosenbrock said of his students. “This is a great event that brings many Warren County students together that all share similar interests with a competitive, yet friendly test of environmental knowledge.”