Lake George Lakers’ VEX Robotics Teams: Success from Elementary to High School

The Lake George Lakers have once again demonstrated their talents in the world of VEX Robotics, with teams spanning from elementary school to high school achieving great success in recent tournaments. This year marks a significant milestone as Lake George introduced VEX Robotics to its elementary school, streamlining their robotics programming for all ages.

VEX Robotics is an educational robotics system designed for students in grades 3-12, aimed at teaching the fundamentals of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through robotics. Participants learn to design, build, and program robots while documenting their progress in engineering notebooks. Beyond classroom training, VEX Robotics also offers competitive opportunities for students to collaborate and compete against each other.

The Lake George Lakers High School VEX Robotics teams have once again showcased their excellence in recent tournaments. Team 64040B secured a tournament championship win, finishing qualifiers ranked in the top 8. Despite a narrow loss in the opening match, they had an impressive 4-1 record, ultimately clinching the third-place spot overall. Additionally, both teams impressed judges in the Skills Competition, securing third and fourth place back-to-back. As a result, both VEX teams will proudly represent LGCSD at the State championships.

The High School students on teams 64040A and 64040B also did exceptionally well at the Bears Robotics Friday Night Fever Vex Tournament in Chittenango, NY. Both teams performed well in qualifiers, progressing to the tournament rounds. Notably, the 64040B team, led by seniors Benjamin Montville, Nick Wagemann, and Sophie Unkauf, clinched a tournament victory for the second consecutive tournament.

Coach Stroebel praised the team’s composure and adaptability, highlighting their strategic ability in dynamic match scenarios. The team claimed the top spot in Northern NY, showcasing the highest combined programmer/driver skills total.

On Saturday, Feb. 3, the Lake George Lakers Elementary and Junior High School VEX Robotics teams made their debut in Queensbury, participating in their first-ever event. Despite this being the inaugural year of the VEX K-6 program, all Lakers teams displayed exceptional teamwork and dedication, securing placements in the top 20 and qualifying for the finals.

The success of the Lake George Lakers’ VEX Robotics teams across elementary, junior high, and high school levels is a testament to the dedication of students, coaches, and educators involved in the program. As they continue to excel in competitions and inspire future generations of students, the Lake George Lakers solidify their position as leaders in STEM education and competitive robotics.