Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School: Holocaust Education Through The Memory Project Exhibit

Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School students had an opportunity this week to participate in The Memory Project Exhibit, a compelling initiative by The Memory Project Productions, Inc. 

This immersive exhibit traces the lives of a family of Holocaust survivors over four decades, spanning from 1962 to 2016, and offers insights into their personal stories and the historical backdrop of the Holocaust.

Displayed with six short videos and six exhibit panels extensively researched using resources from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and personal family stories, the exhibit shows the resilience and enduring legacy of survivors. 

Students were able to use the integration of QR codes to access survivors’ voices directly at school or use a “shoebox cards,” to take the stories home with them. Each card has a story, QR code links to videos, historical context, and a messages from survivors, creating a link between the past and present generations.

Finn Lynn, a sophomore, said, “I like that it’s interactive. I wish more people would look at it and learn from it. I didn’t know they colored the triangle on the armbands to label who they are. It’s very sad but, good to learn about.”