Lake George CSD Transportation Department honored by Warren County Board of Supervisors

Members of the Lake George Central School District Transportation Department were honored at the Warren County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning for providing assistance after a FlixBus rolled off the southbound direction of the Northway on January 5th.

RM Transnational LTD tour bus was traveling from Montreal, Canada at the time of the crash.  There were 23 individuals on the bus including the bus driver. There was one confirmed fatality, one passenger with serious injuries and ten passengers with non-life threatening injuries. 

Victims of the crash were assisted by bus driver, Brandon Raymond and transported safely to the Lake George Firehouse for medical assistance using our school buses. Members of the transportation department quickly came to assist our district as well. Bus drivers and staff members also assisted in making sure our students were able to be dismissed on time, coming in early to ensure buses were parked at the school buildings in the event medical vehicles needed to use our schools as a pick up location for victims. Thank you to the staff members at Lake George CSD for always being ready and willing to serve our community.