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The Board of Education meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Jr.-Sr. High School Library unless otherwise noted.

Thank you for your interest in the Lake George Central School District. We always ask that you speak to the appropriate district level and/or building level staff member prior to contacting the Board of Education. You may also share comments and ideas with the Board of Education members:

  • By personal contact, conversation, or correspondence
  • By public comment at a Board meeting, which is generally held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the junior-senior high school library

To contact the Board of Education, please email us by clicking here.

Board Officers
Sarah Barton – District Clerk
Rene Palmer – District Treasurer


The Lake George Central School District will personalize opportunities that empower all students to be lifelong learners, leaders and global citizens. 


To foster academic and personal excellence, responsibility and cultural awareness, we are dedicated to creating: 

  • An engaging and innovative learning environment for each student
  • A comprehensive K-12 instructional program using best practices
  • Student connections to extra-curricular opportunities
  • An appreciation for diversity and local traditions


C – Collaboration
R – Respect
E – Excellence
A – Accountability
T – Trust
E – Empathy

Board Goals

Goal #1: By June 30, 2024, the LG BOE will identify opportunities for advocacy of the District’s interests and will increase participation in these opportunities.

Goal #2: By June 30, 2024, the LG BOE will further develop a collaborative relationship with the
superintendent, the school community, and each other, modeling engagement, cooperation and
respect in al communications

Goal #3: June 30, 2024, The LG BOE will further review roles and responsibilities of the Board
Committees to ensure that all board members understand how committees are aligned to the
responsibilities of the board. Board members will participate in and chair board committees
using a standardized set of systems and procedures in accordance with the district’s Shared
Decision Making Plan. Responsibilities for district operations are delegated to the superintendent.

Board Committees

Lake George CSD Board of Education members serve as representatives on committees to strengthen the governance of the district and enhance communication with all stakeholder groups.

The Board of Education also includes an Audit Committee and Policy Committee to meet its legal and fiduciary obligations.

Audit & Finance Committee

Charge: Pursuant to resolution number 9-2005, dated October 11, 2005, the Board of Education of the Lake George Central School District has established an audit committee to assist the Board of Education in the oversight of the internal, external and claims audit functions. The requirement to create an audit committee was established by Education Law §2116-c. According to §2116-c (4), the role of an audit committee shall be advisory and any recommendations it provides to the Board shall not be substituted for any required review and acceptance by the Board of Education. The Board of Education subsequently changed the name to the Audit and Finance Committee as of July 1, 2014.

Audit and Finance Committee Charter

Chair: Mario Fasulo
Katie Bruening
Rosemarie Earl

Board Development Committee

Charge: To continuously develop an exemplary board team that maximizes student success and elevates the District through sound processes, clarity of purpose, and commitment to the District’s mission, vision, and core values.

Board Development Committee Charter

Chair: Katie Bruening
Maryanne MacKenzie
Jeannine Bieber

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Charge: To foster an atmosphere that maximizes student educational excellence and success by ensuring that the District’s facilities, grounds, and transportation supports are safe, maintained, and attended to with thoughtful care and responsible planning.

Buildings & Grounds Committee Charter

Chair: Jeannine Bieber
Mario Fasulo
Donna Prime

Culture and Climate Committee

Charge: To ensure that our district fosters a student-centered learning environment  consistent with district policy and with the CREATE values of Collaboration, Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Trust and Empathy.

Culture and Climate Committee Charter

Chair: Donna Prime
Rosemarie Earl
Maryanne MacKenzie

Curriculum & Instruction Committee

Charge: To engage with District professionals to ensure curricular excellence and personalized opportunities that empower all Lake George students to be successful, lifelong learners, leaders and global citizens.

Curriculum & Instruction Committee Charter

Chair: Rosemarie Earl
Jeffrey Meyer
Donna Prime

Policy Committee

Charge:  To establish school policy that sets a high standard and a meaningful framework for educational excellence in Lake George Central Schools.

Policy Committee Charter

Chair: Maryanne MacKenzie
Katie Bruening
Jeffrey Meyer