January 3, 2021 Update

January 3, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to 2021! I hope you all had a joyful, relaxing holiday. This year looked very different for many, but I hope you were still able to find some hope, peace, and joy in this season. 

We are aware that COVID-19 cases in the region are on the rise which has caused reflection, much discussion, and a renewed commitment to our safety protocols when returning to school. We reviewed current COVID-19 data in the region and in our district, and considered pivoting to remote, however, after discussion, input, and deliberation with the administrative team, teacher association leaders and members of our board of education, we are committed to returning to in-person learning. COVID cases within LGCSD continue to be limited. Furthermore, the feedback we have received from the Warren County DoH has been overwhelmingly positive due to the safety measures we have in place at LGCSD, therefore, we came to the consensus that students should return to school, in-person, on January 4, 2021.

Safety remains our highest priority in all of our decisions, and we continue to monitor this situation closely. Please understand that the changing nature of the situation may lead us to modify our decision on short notice. Therefore, if LGCSD has to pivot to remote learning, we will notify you immediately. 

We remain committed to in-person instruction and believe one of the safest places for our students is school where we can provide a structured and safe educational experience. We appreciate your partnership and your commitment to remaining open for in-person instruction in the coming months. However, we can not emphasize enough the importance of keeping yourself and your children home if they have symptoms associated with Covid-19. We can not overemphasize  the importance of stringent handwashing procedures, proper mask wearing and remaining 6 foot distanced. We need your continued partnership to emphasize and support this message at home with our students as they return on Monday;  WEAR A MASK ~ GET TESTED ~ STOP THE SPREAD.

It’s not too late to sign the Rapid-test consent form to allow LGCSD to test your child at school. We need your consent to administer an in-school rapid Covid-19 test should we be deemed a “Yellow Zone'' District.

Below, I have included some important reminders about COVID-19 Protocols and LGCSD expectations for our faculty/staff and families as we return to the 20-21 school year. Please review this information to support a successful reentry. 

Furthermore, if you have questions or concerns that have arisen due to your personal circumstances over the Holiday break, please reach out to your building principals, Mr. Conway and/or Mr. Cocozza. Please reach out by phone or email to either conwayj@lkgeorge.org or cocozzaf@lkgeorge.org if you need their support or have questions before reentering in-person instruction on January 4th, 2021. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2021!

Lynne Rutnik





Before returning to school in-person on January 4, 2021, I wanted to remind you about NYS’ quarantine criteria for those who traveled over the holidays, Also, I have included some  additional clarification about expectations for students’ participation and expectations for attendance and mandated communication around Covid-19 Testing & Quarantine Orders. 


1.  Quarantine Criteria for Travel

Please review the most updated Travel advisory Guidance from NYS here. 


2.  Communication mandates around Covid Testing & DoH Quarantine Orders

Accurate reporting is very important as the district is held accountable for entering up-to-date information about testing and quarantine information into the NYS DoH Portal daily. Students, faculty, and staff who are tested for Covid and who are placed in quarantine by DoH need to inform the district immediately. 


  • Student is Covid Tested: Parent informs the school nurse that they are having the test and the results. 
  • Student is placed on DOH Ordered Quarantine: Parent informs the school nurse that they have been placed on DoH Ordered Quarantine and sends a copy of the DOH Order to the Nurse/Main office. 
  • LG Faculty/Staff is Covid Tested: Individual informs their immediate supervisor who will inform the school nurse and the superintendent and School Business office. 
  • LG Faculty/Staff is placed on DOH Quarantine: Individual informs their immediate supervisor who will inform the school nurse and the superintendent and School Business office: Immediate supervisor will request DOH quarantine orders. 


3.  Attendance and Expectations

In-person Learners: 

  • LGCSD will not be allowing students to opt in and out of remote learning on a daily basis as this has a significant impact on the learning environment unless approved by the building principal.
  • Students will be physically present at school or during remote scheduled classes unless parents have informed the school of the reason for their legal absence.
  • Please be aware moving forward that if your child is out without a legal reason for their absence (sickness, appointment or family emergency), they will be marked as illegally absent for that day. 


Virtual Learners: 

  • Elementary School - Log in to Google Classroom by 8:00 AM each day and check your classroom and special area subject to view the specific Google Meet times and assignments for the day. Follow the teacher provided schedule to help manage time and structure their day. 


  • Jr/Sr High School - Follow the schedule provided by the Remote Mentor, log in by 8:00 AM each day to view the specific Google Meets times and assignments for the day. You must:
    • Attend scheduled Google Meets - Be on time and attend the entire Meet.
    • Complete assignments/assessments as assigned
    • Participate in live or digital discussion