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Welcome to a New School Year!

Dear LGCSD Parents, Guardians, Students, and Community Members,

It is my sincere hope that this correspondence finds you filled with excitement as we begin the 2018-2019 school year, which also marks the 50th Anniversary of Lake George Elementary School!

Along with the principals, I would like to thank the Buildings and Grounds and Transportation Departments for getting our facilities and vehicles in top shape for the students’ return. I would also like to thank the Technology Department for their work over the summer to install a new phone system, prepare technology devices for every one of our students, set up and test teacher stations in every classroom, and install software and preload class lists so all of our teachers and students have a seamless start to their teaching and learning.


Please help me welcome the following staff members who are either new to our district this year or serving in new roles:

  • Mike Ross, Mechanic's Helper/Bus Driver - Transportation Dept.
  • Noberto Magdaleno, Groundskeeper/Cleaner - Buildings and Grounds Dept.
  • Julie Tosi, Food Service Helper - Elementary School Food Services Dept.
  • Morgan McIntosh, Long-Term Substitute Special Education Teacher - Elementary School
  • Lexi Parker, Student Teacher (Fall) - Elementary School
  • Cody Stinson, Student Teacher (Spring) - Jr.-Sr. High School
  • Audrey VanVlack, English Teacher - Jr.-Sr. High School
  • Jamie Bearor, CSE Chairperson (k-12) - Special Education Dept.
  • Kemm Wilson, CPSE Chair, 504 Coordinator, Student Intervention Services - Special Education Dept.
  • Jeff Ziegler, Interim Director k-12 Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Support Services
  • Mark LaFond, School Resource Officer


I am extremely proud to serve as the Lake George CSD Superintendent. While the 2017-2018 school year encompassed peaks and valleys, I recognize and appreciate that we never lost sight of all we have to celebrate. By working together, we have made tremendous progress toward the goals set forth by the strategic plan. The video shared below highlights and celebrates our collective efforts and accomplishments.

I look forward, with inspiration and optimism, to my continued partnership with our Lake George Board of Education, faculty, staff, students, and community throughout the 2018-19 school year. May we be as innovative and visionary as the community members and education leaders who boldly researched, collaborated, planned, and built the Elementary School 50 years ago!



Lynne Rutnik

Lynne C. Rutnik Superintendent of Schools

“We are Lifelong Learners, Leaders and Global Citizens”

Celebrating Our Accomplishments
Celebrating Our Accomplishments

Please enjoy these highlights of our collective efforts and accomplishments from the 2017-18 school year!