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Lake George CSD Now Offering Residents an Option for Paying School Taxes

Due to recent New York State legislation and the approval of the Lake George Central School District, the Towns of Queensbury and Lake George can now accept PARTIAL PAYMENTS for school taxes. This is just an option being offered. If you choose to make partial payments, they can be accepted by the Queensbury and Lake George Receivers of Taxes under the following parameters: 

  • It must be a minimum bill of $100
  • The minimum payment must be at least 25% of the balance due
  • A $5 surcharge per partial payment shall be imposed (the surcharge is forgiven with final payment, if the balance is paid in full)
  • Interest and penalties shall be charged against the unpaid balance

If a partial payment is made, the funds will be processed as follows:

  • $5 surcharge will be paid
  • Any interest and penalties will be paid (during the months of October and November)
  • Remainder of funds will apply to the balance of the bill

Following a partial payment, your current balance due and penalty amounts will be recalculated after processing.


***Partial Payments cannot be made online at this time***


Caroline Barber, the Tax Receiver and Town Clerk for Town of Queensbury, and Deb Foley, the Town Clerk and Receiver of Taxes for Lake George have worked diligently with Lake George Central School District Business Manager Kate DuBois to provide this service to residents.


“We all agreed it was a win-win for our residents,” said Mrs. DuBois. “We presented the concept to the Lake George CSD Audit and Finance Committee, and they thought it was a good idea. The committee then brought it to the full Board of Education, which passed a resolution at the June 12, 2018 BOE meeting, which was greater than the required 45 days before the tax bills were distributed.”


If you have any questions regarding the new partial payment option, please call the Town of Queensbury Receiver of Taxes at (518)761-8234 or (518)761-8237.