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Lighthouse Team Installed Pond

The Vision Comes to Fruition
The Vision Comes to Fruition

The Lighthouse Team installed a pond in the Elementary School courtyard.

Students’ vision came to fruition at the Lake George Elementary School when the Lighthouse Team – with the help of over 100 people including staff members, community members, families, and friends – installed a pond with a waterfall in the courtyard.

The pond brings the sixth-grade science curriculum to life and provides learning experiences for students of all ages. Children can observe the life cycles of plants and animals, learn the components of an ecosystem, and see a healthy ecosystem in action.

The pond includes a filtration system to clear the pond of debris, rocks to act as a surface for bacteria to colonize, a waterfall to recirculate and oxygenate the water, fish to keep algae under control, and plants to clean and oxygenate the water. There are plants and grasses along the edges of the pond and plants that grow in and under the water, along with three different types of fish. The children plan to add a toad and a painted turtle to their creation.

Many thanks to Mr. Pape, who worked with the Lighthouse Team to cultivate their ideas and make them a reality. The Lighthouse Team also thanks the Board of Education, Superintendent Rutnik, LGES Principal Mr. Conway, and LGES School Social Worker Mrs. Moellman for the opportunity to make the courtyard even more special. 

In a presentation to the Board of Education, Lighthouse Team Member Angelo said, “We wanted to do something to add beauty to our school and leave a legacy of our leadership while we were students here.”

The Lighthouse Team has certainly left their mark on LGES! The pond is an educational and aesthetic improvement to the learning environment for students and visitors of all ages.

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