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Nickname/Mascot Information and Survey

On Tuesday, May 23, community members gathered at Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School to learn about the history of Lake George Central School District and the recent NYSED regulation on the use of Native American imagery in public schools. You can watch the presentation by clicking the link found here


We are asking community members to take a quick survey which can be found at the end of the presentation. The survey results will determine the next steps forward on the school district’s nickname. To access the presentation and survey link please click here. The survey will remain open until Tuesday, May 30th at 8am. 


Based on the questions and comments last night in our community forum we have also updated the FAQ below: 


Q: Does the district have to comply with this order?

Yes. The district must comply with the ruling made by NYSED or be subject to sanctions such as loss of state aid and removal of school officials. Now that this regulation has been officially adopted by the New York State Board of Regents, it officially becomes a permanent rule for school districts on May 3, 2023. 


Q: Does this directive impact the Warrior name? 

Yes. The language in the regulation states that team names, logos, or mascots that contain vestiges of prohibited team names, logos, or mascots will not be considered acceptable. School districts that currently use, or previously used team names associated with Indigenous imagery or symbols must change their team’s name. Per the regulation, continued use of the vestiges of these names and/or images, either explicitly or implicitly, contributes to the continued stereotyping, caricaturing, and denigration of Indigenous peoples. 


Q: Have we always been known as the Lake George Warriors?

No, Lake George School Central School District has had many nicknames over the course of its history. Our original nickname was LG (pre-1926), the Lakers (1926-1940), the Georgians (1940-1951), and the Warriors (1951-present day). 


Q: Can community members and students still wear vintage Warrior gear and clothing?

Yes. The regulation only prohibits school officials and employees from utilizing or promoting any Indigenous name, logo, or mascot. Community members, parents, guardians, and students can wear vintage Warrior gear. Anyone acting in the official capacity of the district, such as an athletic coach or student athlete during contests would be subject to the regulation and not be allowed to wear vintage warrior gear.