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Student Led Advisory Group

NYSED to schools around New York State. Students were briefed on the directive and given a short overview of the history of Lake George and the school's nicknames, mascots, and the current interlocking LG logo that has been used as far back as 1912.

students listening to a presentation in a circle

On June 30, 2023, schools must submit a plan pertaining to logos, mascots, and nicknames for those who had prior use of Native American imagery. Lake George CSD is looking towards students to not only review these subjects, but also learn and educate others about the history of the district itself.

pricipal cocozza in front of a white board presentation with students at desks listening

A student council led advisory board made up of a variety of students from all different grades, including those from the elementary school, will be asked to confer with the larger student body as to their thoughts, feelings, and input into the direction of our logo, mascot, and nickname. The focus of this group will be to explore four areas; education, a logo, a mascot, and a school nickname.

students listening at a presentation at desks

Over the next few months, students will engage with their student body, present to both schools and the larger community, and participate in regular meetings about these issues.