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Lake George Rotary Club visits LGES

This fall, third and fifth grade students were treated to a visit from members of the Lake George Rotary Club and Jr/Sr. High students from the Interact Club. The Interact Club is a group of students volunteering throughout the community, dedicating service that fosters the ideals of the rotary club. 

teacher showing girl dictionary

girl looking at dictionary

Pam McCullen, club advisor, and Jason Ludlow, president of the Interact Club, introduced Rotarians Mike Craft and John Crawford as they distributed dictionaries and thesauruses from the Lake George Rotary Club. After receiving their supplies, other members of the Interact Club, Samantha Gorey, Warissara Yeesin, Anthony Cocozza, Jaedyn Dunklee, and Soren Shambach led the elementary students in an activity looking for words that are attributed to the rotary club. 

girl looking at dictionary

high school and elementary school students working together with dictionaries

Thank you for visiting our students and making their day!