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Seal of Civic Readiness Opportunity

The Lake George Jr/Sr High School Social Studies Department is pleased to announce that students now have the opportunity to earn the New York State Education Department’s Seal of Civic Readiness. The Seal is a formal recognition designated on a high school diploma and transcript that a student has achieved a high level of proficiency in civic knowledge, skills, mindsets, and experiences. 

We are excited to provide this additional opportunity for students to further develop civic knowledge and to participate in a variety of civic experiences. We believe that working toward the Seal of Civic Readiness helps students become informed citizens in their community, state, and country. Earning the Seal of Civic Readiness  also provides colleges and universities with a method to recognize and provide credit for higher level thinking and skills in social studies. Additionally, the Seal of Civic Readiness demonstrates to colleges, universities, and future employers that students have been formally recognized for developing civic knowledge, mindsets, and experiences.

To obtain the Seal of Civic Readiness, a student must complete all of the requirements for a New York State local or Regents Diploma and earn a required number of points in Civic Knowledge and Civic Participation. 

Learn more about the NYSED Education Department’s Seal of Civic Readiness by clicking here. Students interested in obtaining the Seal of Civic Readiness should contact their guidance counselor for more information about the process.