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Superintendent’s Message regarding the Robb Elementary School Shooting

Superintendent’s Message regarding the Robb Elementary School Shooting 

Dear Lake George Parents, Friends, and Community,

As you are only too well aware, another tragic, senseless, and unthinkable school shooting occurred again this week. The Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas was robbed of the bright futures and aspirational hopes and dreams of 19 children and two teachers. We mourn for those who are lost. We grieve for those who are left. No amount of sorrow will ever be enough. 

The Lake George schools and community are left with the responsibility to process yet another act of extreme violence. Safety is our highest priority and prevention is the key to safety. At school, we have heightened our security efforts over the years by “hardening” our buildings and establishing procedures, protocols, and policies that enhance safety for all. We have detailed safety plans that have been carefully developed over time with the assistance of skilled and knowledgeable professionals. Safety training never stops. And, among many safety measures, we employ two well-trained, experienced School Resource Officers through the Warren County Sheriff’s Department. Our relationship with local and state law enforcement is strong. 

Equally important, we maintain close ties and relations with local mental healthcare providers. Their services are essential for us to best address our student’s needs.  

Finally, and most importantly, we have talented administrators, teachers, counselors, social workers, psychologists, bus drivers, teacher assistants and aides, clerical staff, greeters, cafeteria staff, coaches, and many other school personnel who are trusted by our students and families. They know how to encourage, listen, relate, and communicate with all of our children and young adults. They develop meaningful and caring relations with our students. Student/adult relations are one of the great strengths of the Lake George Central School District and an essential element of safe schools. 

As a father, grandfather, and superintendent of schools, I understand the stress that these events cause. I care deeply about the safety and education of all children, every single one. We are working hard to keep all of our children safe within our outstanding small school environment.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend,


Douglas W Huntley, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools (Interim) 


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