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High School College Financial Accounting Class Met Local Professionals

The College Financial Accounting Class at Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School stepped into the real world to visit two local professionals to learn about their careers.

The first stop was at SEFCO CPA's, LLP in downtown Glens Falls. Robert Bondy, CPA is a partner in the firm and is a Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School Alumni Class of 2006. He met with the students, gave them a tour of his office building, and then discussed the profession of accounting with the students. He shared the skills, education, and experience that is required to work in the accounting field. He discussed various related jobs and the types of requirements needed for those positions. The students enjoyed learning about his career path from working at a large accounting firm, RSM in Boston, to finding his way back to his hometown area of Glens Falls and becoming a partner in a local CPA firm. Mr. Bondy emphasized the importance of having skills and certifications in Quickbooks and MS Excel. He expressed the value of having good communication skills (phone, email, and face to face) as well as teamwork and being patient. The students were able to discuss and see the connection between their classroom learning and how it applies to real work application. Mr. Bondy emphasized the importance of gaining experiences and taking advantage of services and programs that colleges have to offer (tutoring, internships, etc.) 

The next stop was at the Sloan Advisory Group, Inc. also located in downtown Glens Falls. Rachel Sloan, owner and Certified Financial Planner (CFP), met with the students at her office. She talked about the role and profession of being a Certified Financial Planner and Financial Advisor. The students learned about the differences in working for an investment firm versus owning your own business. As a registered investment advisor (RIA), Rachel works independently to help individuals and families make wise financial decisions. She too, had a very interesting and non-traditional career path that she shared with the students. The students found it very intriguing listening to the various educational and professional paths that she has been on. Continual learning, travel, and being true to yourself were common themes throughout the conversation. Ms. Sloan emphasized the importance of knowing how to use MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well the ability to facilitate conversations and really be a good listener. She also advised students to get experience through internships/job shadows as often as possible. She implored the students to be passionate and invested in whatever career path they find themselves on.

It was a fantastic day of learning for the entire class and the class was so appreciative of the time that both of these professionals took out of their day to meet with them. Students in the College Financial Accounting course at Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School earn four college credits through SUNY Adirondack while taking the course in high school. Mrs. Brenda Hoffman, Lake George Business Educator, teaches the course at Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School and is an adjunct professor for SUNY Adirondack.



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6 individuals