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Pumpkin Book Character Contest Provided Many Opportunities

Lake George Elementary Students exercised their right to vote by casting ballots for their favorite pumpkins.
After a day of vigorous voting, the results are: 
  • First Place: Yoda created by Luke Holderman
  • Second Place: Penguin on Vacation created by Kaely Crisler
  • Third Place: Cody from The Puppy Place Book Series created by by Izzy Hart
The winner will receive $15 to the Book Fair, which runs December 9-15, 2021. 2nd place will receive $10 to the Book Fair, and Third Place will receive $5 to the Book Fair.
"Our pumpkin book character contest allowed for students and teachers to connect, individual interests and passions to be celebrated, leadership opportunities to be provided, and brought the entire school together for an authentic school-wide election," said Lake George Elementary School Librarian Mrs. Bridget Crossman. "Books are amazing!"
Many thanks to Price Chopper in Queensbury for the donation of pumpkins and the PTSO for the donation of the supplies.