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Lunch and Learn with LG Student Athletes

The Lake George Athletics Department hosted its second Lunch & Learn meeting with Fall JV and Varsity Captains and their guests. 

Each session in the Lunch & Learn series focuses on one aspect of the Positive Coaching Alliance’s (PCA) concept of The Triple-Impact Competitor®

A Triple-Impact Competitor®

  • Makes him/herself better
  • Makes teammates better
  • Makes the game better ~ sportsmanship

This session focused on team chemistry; how leaders can fill their teammates’ emotional tanks; and the magic ratio of 5:1 ~ five specific, truthful praises per one piece of constructive correction ~ for a full Emotional Tank. When Emotional Tanks are full, athletes feel connected to their teams and coaches, which enables them to learn, perform, and compete better. 

The athletes are already employing many of these strategies naturally. The PCA concepts help players and coaches develop a common language so they can turn it up a notch. 

Lunch and Learn second session with Fall athletes