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Welcome Back and FAQs

September 3, 2021

Dear Lake George Faculty, Staff, Students, and Parents,

Thank you to those who attended the Community Information Session on the district’s Reopening Plan 2.0 on August 24, 2021. As promised, we are sharing some of the themes around questions that we have been asked either during or after the information session. If you have any other questions or concerns, please email Superintendent Rutnik at 


Reopening Plan 2.0 FAQs


Will vaccinated students have to complete the bi-weekly covid screenings?

No- After reviewing our data from last year, we concluded that personal contact between families and nurses was more effective in screening possible COVID cases than the app. As a result, there will be no bi-weekly health screenings this year. Instead, all students, regardless of vaccination status, will have their temperature taken as they enter school every day, as they did last year. 


Can parents visit their children during school hours?
Parents/visitors are allowed into the school buildings by appointment. All visitors will be screened and must be masked. Parents will remain outside of the school buildings

during drop off and dismissal. 


When can we lighten up on masks? 

If/when the CDC recommends different masking guidelines, or if new guidance comes from the Governor, the district will update its practices and communicate the changes with families immediately. The district’s mask policy will continue to be K-12 because students of all grade levels ride buses together. 


What data are we using to guide decisions regarding hybrid or pivoting to remote learning?
The district will consider the level of community transmission and the impact on each school. Daily data collected and reviewed to help guide decisions include: 

  • # of students quarantining due to a positive COVID test result
  • # of student quarantining due to travel
  • # of students awaiting test results
  • # of staff quarantining due to a positive COVID test result
  • # of staff quarantining due to contact with a COVID-positive individual
  • # of staff awaiting COVID test results

Please visit our website to see the decision making matrix that guides our decisions.  


What should I know about contact tracing and quarantining? 

The Departments of Health in the surrounding counties are working together to provide us with consistent practices regarding contact tracing and quarantining due to exposure in schools, at school events, and on buses. Items to be considered include: 

  • Vaccination status
  • Proper mask wearing by individuals in proximity to the COVID+ person
  • Physical distancing of 3’ or 6’ with masks
  • The time exposed to a COVID positive person
  • COVID test results
  • Symptomatic status


Who should I contact if my child is anxious about returning to school?
Please contact your child’s teacher who will inform the school counselor or social worker who will reach out and work together to support your child’s social and emotional needs. 


Will we be able to hold milestone and holiday events this year? 

Concerts, dances, prom, Air Band, the play, and all of our favorite events and activities are on the calendar, however, if anything changes, the principals and teachers will let you know as soon as they can. Please note that everything is subject to change depending on level of transmission and recommendations from CDC, NYS, DOH, SED. 


Will band and chorus rehearsals be spaced apart more than 3 feet? Will they be outdoors when possible



Will LGHS host a vaccine clinic the way other area schools have?

The district has opted not to hold vaccine clinics on-site at this time because vaccines are widely available in Warren County and in our community. 


Will vaccine progress/percentages for those who are 12+ in the LGHS be tracked and published among students and teachers?

The school nurses have access to vaccine information, but the district is not breaking down that information or making it public. The district respects everyone’s personal healthcare decisions and abides by HIPAA Privacy Rules. 


Will LGCSD require vaccination for high risk sport participants like several other districts in the Capital Region?

There is no mandate for NYSPHSAA athletes to be vaccinated, and sports are not being categorized by risk anymore. 


The Reopening Plan said that ventilation meets standards – can you please provide information on specifically what filtration levels are in place in the LGHS building? 

Please find the answer on the FAQ from last year by clicking here. 


What consequences will students face if they don’t wear masks properly or maintain 3’ or 6’ physical distance? 

Safety compliance will be addressed as it was last year.  


How will this short term quarantine instruction work? Why are students who are out sick but COVID negative not allowed to participate in this program? 

Please refer to the full Reopening Plan 2.0 by clicking here – under the “Teaching and Learning” section. Students who are absent due to illness other than COVID are presumed to be sick and should take the time to rest and recover; this is much different than a student who has to remain home due to quarantine. 


Will there be random COVID testing taking place this year? 

Not at this time, but if this should change, the district will let families know and seek consent to test their children. 


NYS and Warren County were reporting the information daily for school cases. Has this changed? 

At this time, neither NYS or Warren County are requiring daily reporting of COVID cases, however, LGCSD will continue its practice to inform families of COVID+ cases if/when they occur. 


With the 9/2/21 guidance that was released by NYSDOH and Governor Hochul, what has changed regarding testing for my child or me, as a faculty member? 

    • Parents/Students: Student testing is not mandated. However, districts need to have the capacity to test students weekly if parents provide consent. Consent forms will be shared on the website. 
      •  However, if your child is sick/symptomatic they will be sent home by the school nurse and required to get a diagnostic Covid test. Students can not return to school until they have a negative test and are symptom free. 


  • Faculty/Staff: All staff are mandated to provide proof of vaccination to the District by 9/7/21. Those who do not provide their vaccination cards will be considered non-vaccinated and we will require a weekly COVID test be returned to the district to be able to report to work. 



Link to new mandate 9/2/21 New COVID-19 Reporting and Testing Link 


See you next week!
Superintendent Rutnik