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Lockers, Remote Learning Day, and More

October 30, 2020
Parents & Students of LGHS Grades 7-12,

Thank you again to parents and students for your continued patience and cooperation!

Just a few items:
-Very soon, we will be assigning lockers to students in grades 7-12 to assist with storing the colder weather attire/gear. Additionally, with the upcoming colder weather students are encouraged to dress appropriately while within the building as classroom/cafeteria windows are open to assist with fresh air movement within our learning spaces. 

-TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2020 will be a "Remote Learning Day" for all students. No students are to come to the building for classes on this day. Students will follow their "B" letter day 9-period schedule for that day remotely from home. Teachers will post on their google classrooms classwork and assignments for students to complete on this day. For attendance purposes, students must log onto their LIVE guide-room google meet at 8:00 am for attendance and directions for the day. Students who miss this 8:00 AM LIVE guide-room google meet will be marked ABSENT for the entire day and attendance phone calls will occur. After the 8:00 AM LIVE guide-room google meet, there will be no other "LIVE" google meets on this day and all instruction for classes will be through google classroom posted assignments/classwork. Students are expected to complete all of the posted classwork per their teachers directions for this day of instruction and learning. 

-12th graders only- Graduation Cap/gown order forms went home with all 12th graders. Orders are due back in two weeks.

-A reminder to regularly check the Jr.-Sr. High School Daily Bulletin (CLICK HERE) for the most up to date information, announcements, and schedules of information/events. (all students & parents should be checking our daily bulletin each day)

-This coming weekend marks the two-week self re-screening of all students. Students need to complete the COVID Screening before coming to school next week. Click here for the COVID Screening.

As always, please reach out with any questions or feedback. Thank you again.

-Francis Cocozza, Principal Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School