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Additional Information About Remote Learning Days

Anecdote of Remote:  Sailboat of Remote Learning

If we want to stay afloat, 

we need some time to build our boat

Right now, we’re in a rowboat, 

Some days it’s a sailboat,

Other days a motorboat, 

We aspire to be a steamboat! 

Thank you for your patience and support 

With a few days of Remote, 

We’ll create teaching & learning opportunities 

that will make us all gloat... 


October 15, 2020 

Dear LG Families, 

I am writing with additional information about the upcoming Remote Learning Days announced last week, specifically Wednesday, October 21, 2020. Our collective efforts have led to success thus far. We intend to keep our boat moving forward, with all oars rowing in the same direction should we encounter rough waters ahead. 


In an effort to prepare you, your family, and our students for the upcoming Remote Learning Day(s), I want to provide you with clarity around our purpose and goals and summarize some of the bigger take-aways around expectations.


Purpose of Remote Learning Day(s):  

  1. Support teachers, the backbone our educational system, by allowing time for professional learning, planning and practice
  2. Support learners by preparing and practicing
  3. Check connectivity 
  4. Allow for deeper cleaning of facilities


Our Goals for Students: 

  1. Receive instructional experiences including, but not limited to, enrichment or review through the following examples:
  • Online modules or tasks
  • Viewing instructional videos
  • Provide opportunities for feedback and communication between students and their teachers 
  • Engaging with other class participants in an online or phone discussion
  • Conducting research; doing projects; or meeting with an instructor face-to-face, via an online platform, or by phone


Our Goals for Faculty:

  1. Create opportunity for preparedness, reflection, and growth through:
  • Personalized professional development opportunities
  • Purposeful blocks of time to connect with colleagues, reflect, and share practices around teaching and learning 
  • Intentional professional discussions around innovation, engagement, and pedagogy 


Nutrition Services: 

If your child is in need of nutritional services (i.e. breakfast and lunch) during a Remote Learning Day, please reach Mrs. Kemm Wilson, Director of Student Services at who will coordinate with the Food Service Director, “Chef Jeff” DeStefanis meals for your child. *Meals will be sent home with your child the day before. 


Please keep your eye out for additional communication from Mr. Cocozza, Mr. Conway and your child’s teacher that will outline items such as attendance, schedule information, and tasks to be completed. 


Thank you for your continued partnership and support, 

Lynne Rutnik