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Student Meals are Free through December 2020

Meals are now FREE to ALL students in Lake George Central School District through December 2020! The federal and state governments have extended the COVID-19 meal service program that provides free full meals for all K-12 students. Unless the extension changes, we will provide student meals at no cost until Dec. 31, 2020. This includes breakfast and lunch meals for both in-person students and students in the Lake George Virtual Model.

Last summer, our Food Service staff was trained on updated sanitary and wellness protocols and will be strictly adhering to NYS guidelines. Some updates include:

  • Self-service food bars (i.e. salad bar) are not allowed at this time; salad entrees and sides will still be available daily, but will be assembled and distributed by a food service staff member.
  • Vending machines will not be used at this time as they cannot be sanitized in between uses
  • All grab-and-go items such as fruit, milk, condiments, drinks, and snacks must be distributed by a food service staff member


We launched a new meal payment system called “Titan,” in order to enhance the student dining experience. Titan is a cloud based system that updates student account information in real-time and gives families more customizable access to their child’s account. New features include:

  • The option to transfer funds from one of your children to another
  • Submit free/reduced meal applications online 
  • The ability to set and manage purchasing restrictions
  • Ability to instantly deposit funds into student accounts without delay 

Please note that will no longer be used; parents will not be able to make payments with old accounts. All funds from MySchoolBucks have been transferred to Titan for the beginning of the school year.  

Please visit the Food Services webpage to create a new account on Titan. 

Although the cafeteria set-up may look a bit different this year, we will still provide the healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals our students have come to expect.