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Letter to Our Community

To our Lake George community,

Our schools are the centerpiece of our community and these past months have truly demonstrated this. Confronted with the immense challenges caused by COVID-19, the Lake George school community has stepped forward on the shared grounds of deep principle and service to our students. These difficult days have reinvigorated us with purpose, beckoned us to action, and made shared connections more meaningful. In a time when circumstances are confusing or unknowable, we have made better sense of ourselves. We have grown and are stronger.

Guided by Superintendent Lynne Rutnik, our school leadership and district stakeholders at every level partnered in the monumental task of readying us for the 2020-21 academic year. The Lake George CSD responded with strength and respect; engaging through email, phone, and forum participation. Whether asking questions, sharing perspectives, speaking in support, or expressing need, your voices helped shape our plans and infuse them with greater meaning and value.

It is a great honor to serve as LGCSD board members in this unprecedented time. We have witnessed the brilliance of what we are collectively capable of, and have been humbled by the generous offerings of extraordinary effort, expertise, and excellence. Our gratitude can not be overstated, and we thank each and every one of you. 

We are ready to begin the journey of this new school year, with the knowledge that our work is not over. Situations are certain to challenge us. Our sustained partnerships will be essential. We have firm confidence in our district’s and greater community’s capacity to pull together and see us through. There is every reason to believe that this school year can be one of the most rewarding we will share together.

We are here for you. 


The Lake George Central School District Board of Education