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BOE Honor "Unsung Heroes" for Embodying C.R.E.A.T.E. Values

At the September 8, 2020 Board of Education meeting, Board members and district administrators recognized the “Unsung Heroes" at Lake George Central School District. 

Jeff DeStefanis, Food Services

Chef Jeff was instrumental in leading the Food Services department during COVID. He worked collaboratively with the principals, the director of student support, and the school business administrator as well as with nurses and local food banks to organize and follow through with meals for any student in need during the shutdown period. His calm, can-do attitude is reliable and appreciated, especially when teamwork is essential to serve our students and families. Jeff and his staff prepared 10,464 meals this past spring!  

Chef Jeff has been working diligently to ensure he and his team are trained for the new guidelines, which range from the set up of the space to the cleanliness of the kitchens and cafeterias. He has been flexible with changes – including a new USDA announcement that all student meals will be free into the fall – and has responded quickly to our food service pricing system. We have no doubt that he and our valued food service team will continue to exceed all expectations with a positive, can-do attitude. 

Andy Raymond, Transportation

Andy recently coined the phrase “imperfectly successful” when describing how the district is moving forward with all the planning efforts surrounding COVID. Andy and his crew have been on the job non-stop cleaning, inspecting, and repairing buses and vans in order to be ready to greet our students from day number one. Andy and his team are truly focused on our students, which was evidenced throughout the spring and summer when we needed their expertise in our reopening planning. Andy stepped up to lead on the Regional BOCES Reopening committee to support Lake George students who are transported regionally. Andy has been working collaboratively with the Leadership Team and parents to ensure we can transport students safely with one bus run. He has re-worked runs and ridership in the best interest of students, and his sense of humor and student-centered approach was in high gear this spring when he and his team stepped up to help deliver food to families needing meals. Andy can always be counted on to be a team player; he is the definition of the saying “there is no “i” in team.”

Rick Clothier, Buildings and Grounds

Rick’s leadership has been supportive, persistent, and continuous throughout the shut down period and the reopening planning process. Rick adapted numerous times when needed to accommodate the numerous physical guidelines for classrooms and buildings. He has been steadfast and reliable, which can be seen in the district's readiness to welcome students and staff back into the buildings on the first few days of school. Rick and his team worked overtime and long days to ensure the hallways were clean, the ventilations systems were running smoothly, and the capital project messes were cleaned up to bring back the pride of LGCSD. We also commend Rick for his leadership with the Capital Project. He was relentless in making sure the contractors followed all safety protocols, and he pushed the project forward when needed.