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Coronavirus School Closure Update May 15, 2020

May 15, 2020

Dear Lake George Families, 

I hope this communication finds you healthy. With the official news from the Governor that we will not be returning to school on-campus this year, we know it’s important to communicate updates about many of the themes and questions that came about in the ThoughtExchange. Therefore, we have created this communication to provide you with an update on activities on the school calendar, including end-of-year events and celebrations. Please see below.


Thank you for reaching out to share many fun and creative ideas about recognizing students and marking the end of the year, we too want to be as fun and creative as possible. We plan to find a balance between the safety mandates put forth with the needs and expectations you have shared, to make student-centered and safe alternatives for events in the future. The LGCSD plans to develop a K-12 approach to maintain the health of our students and families and ensure the celebratory plans are consistent. We appreciate your patience as we collaborate to make the best decisions we can with our students in mind.


While we understand many want us to share our definitive, end of year plans, we appreciate your patience as we work through this time with much change and ambiguity. We have all learned to become better at being flexible and understanding as circumstances have evolved. We are purposefully holding off on sharing some final end of school year decisions in hopes that the “dial” loosens up in the month ahead, which will have an impact on decisions and events in June. If you don’t see an item on the list below or on the school calendar, the event is either on hold or will not occur at this time. However, due to current circumstances, the details may change as the executive orders of CDC and or NYSED regulations are shared. We will use our communications system to keep stakeholders informed. 


With challenge comes opportunity; Moving forward, we plan to be intentional about creating experiences that support our values. Our sincere intention is to make our students feel a sense of belonging, connection, and accomplishment alongside our families and greater community.  


Thank you for your partnership as we create new opportunities, together~


Superintendent Rutnik & The Lake George Leadership Team




Annual Budget Vote & Board of Education Election

Per Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s recent executive order, the annual school budget vote and Board member election Will be held June 9 via mail-in ballots. Eligible voters in the district will be mailed an absentee ballot in the days prior to the vote. The deadline for the district to receive the ballot is June 9 at 5 p.m.


BoE Meeting & Budget Hearing:

The Budget Hearing will take place virtually on WebEx. Click here for the link.

BoE meetings will take place virtually until further notice. 


IEP and 504 Annual Review Meetings

Annual Review Meetings are being conducted virtually through Google Meet. Parents will receive a meeting invite at least 5 days prior to the meeting as well as a copy of the proposed document being discussed at the meeting. Case managers will call or email parents prior to the meeting date to discuss recommendations and receive parental input. At annual review meetings, we will discuss 2020-21 school year recommendations, student’s progress with online learning, and any further support the student may need during COVID school closure. Initial referral and Re-evaluation meetings that require face to face testing will be postponed and an extension will be requested from parents. If parents would like to reschedule their child’s annual review meeting day/time,  please send an email request to




Class of 2020 Graduation

As in past years, Mr. Cocozza is working closely with the top ten/senior honor group to look at many graduation options. Mr. Cocozza and I have narrowed down a few options for graduation and are looking to the Top Ten/senior honor group for their feedback as the representatives of the Senior Class of 2020 as they are in-turn speaking to the wider senior class. We are creating a Plan A, B, and C: all which will take into consideration the guidance from our area department of health and will provide details in the coming weeks. 


Senior Awards/Scholarships & Junior High School Awards & Induction Ceremonies

We are planning end of year awards/ Induction Ceremonies and will provide details in the coming weeks that will take into consideration the guidance from our County Health Department. 


Regents Exams- How does this impact my child? 

The Lake George High School Guidance Department will be providing specific individual student information to families and students in the coming weeks. 


Senior Ball/events/senior class funds:

Mr. Luckenbaugh and Mr. Cocozza will be working directly with the senior class officers and the senior class on options that exist for this and their senior class funds. 


Junior Prom

The Junior Prom (Class of 2021) and all associated events are rescheduled for Saturday, October 31, 2020.


Senior Class Athletic Awards

Mr. Manny, Mr. Cocozza, and the coaches are looking at many options. We are creating a Plan A, B, and C: all plans will take into consideration the guidance from our area department of health. We will share information with athletes and parents in the coming weeks. 




Orientation for 6th-grade parents for the transition to 7th grade:

Our Counseling Department shared out a recorded presentation of the information that is typically provided at the orientation. The presentation can be viewed here: Welcome Class of 2026 to LG Jr.-Sr. High



6th Grade Moving Up

Mr. Conway is working with the 6th-grade team on the best way to celebrate the 6th-grade class. Please keep an eye out for more details from Mr. Conway about how LGES Plans to celebrate our 6th graders as they move to the Jr-Sr High School.  


Kindergarten Parent Information Night

Mr. Conway has scheduled this virtual event for Monday, May 18, 2020.