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Gratitude from the Board of Education

Dear Lake George Community,

The Lake George Board of Education is extremely grateful to our hardworking school professionals and our entire community for the extraordinary efforts put forth to support the needs of our students during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. School operations have shifted dramatically as have all of our personal and professional lives. The collective efforts of school stakeholders demonstrate a strength of community that we can all be proud of.

The Lake George school leadership team, led by Superintendent Lynne Rutnik, has been guiding our district through myriad changes, updates, and directives. They have used a collaborative approach to identify and prioritize the needs of our district. Facing a rapidly changing landscape of public health needs and education mandates, our school leaders are meeting the challenges of distance learning, meal preparation and delivery, and maintaining day to day school business operations.

The Lake George faculty and staff deserve enormous credit for implementing new systems and flexing their daily routines to meet the demands that are on them. In addition to facing personal challenges of working from home and caring for family members, our teachers, specialists, and staff members are extending themselves further than they ever have. They are developing creative solutions to the issues facing us in this unprecedented time. Collectively, Lake George school personnel continue to engage students in learning and social/emotional support. 

At Tuesday’s first-ever video conference board meeting, the board of education was briefed on the excellent work that is happening in our district. The common theme that arose was partnership  - between regional BOCES districts, departments, colleagues, and families. Some highlights of current operations that are rising above and beyond the daily standard include:

  • New instruction on virtual platforms
  • Guidance and student support
  • Childcare for essential workers and first responders
  • Custodial work
  • Food service and delivery
  • Communication and tech support
  • Budget adjustments
  • Adapted work schedules
  • Regional superintendent collaboration

A crucial foundation to these and all of our triumphs is the strong support from you, our community. Support for our team of administrators, faculty, and staff, while always present, has increased. Past budget approvals have allowed us to be ahead of the curve with resources and technology that allow distance learning. Community members are offering positive encouragement and continued patience with new approaches to education. Students are rising to the challenge of home-based learning. And we are using the core values of Lake George Central School District each day to nurture, innovate, learn, and grow together. We are keenly aware of and deeply grateful for the unified show of support at every level.

To each and everyone, thank you. We are Warrior Strong and Lake George Proud. Let’s keep taking care of each other.



Lake George Board of Education

Tricia Biles, President

Lin King, Vice President

Tim Collins

Tom Sejuljic

Katie Bruening

Maryanne MacKenzie

Melissa Seale