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Rocking Reading Rally Rewards Readers


Lake George Elementary School students celebrated the progress they have made to date on their school-wide Wildly Important Goal (WIG) of improving reading. They held their first Rocking Reading Rally of the year, which also happened to fall on “Time Travel” Day (which made for some awesome outfits!).

During the Rocking Reading Rally, the class in each grade level with the best average in their reading measure for the month was awarded a trophy. Additionally, the grade level with the highest growth received the coveted Golden Oar.

Congratulations to the following Rocking Readers for the month of February:

Mrs. Hendry’s Class (kindergarten)

Mrs. Kelly’s Class (first grade)

Ms. Poetzsch & Ms. Gearing’s Class (second grade)

Ms. Byrne & Mrs. Gershen’s Class (third grade)

Mrs. Lindsay’s Class (fourth grade)

Mrs. Montesano’s Class (fifth grade)

Mrs. Catarelli & Mrs. Spring’s Class (sixth grade)


The grade level with the highest growth for February was kindergarten. Congratulations on earning the Golden Oar!


We are so proud of ALL of our LGES Readers!


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