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French Immersion Day

🇫🇷 French Immersion Day 🇫🇷

Lake George French 12 students and Schroon Lake French students practiced their language skills together during a French Immersion Day at the Hillview Library in Diamond Point.

The students and their teachers were welcomed warmly by their host, Mrs. Louise Higgins, a fluent speaker, and Librarian Mrs. Graves. Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Graves prepared an authentic French lunch for the students to enjoy.

Madame Higgins shared her own experience and memories as a bed and breakfast owner in Jugon-les-lacs, located in Brittany, France. After, students did presentations – all in French – about the culture and history of specific areas of France they had researched.

Pictured below are: Mrs. Louise Higgins, Mrs. Royer-Loiselle (French teacher at Schroon Lake), Mara, Jenna, Reya, Lanie, Madame Martineau, Carter, Oliver, Anna, Colby, Paul, Elisabeth.

French students in a library