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Students Recognized for Embodying C.R.E.A.T.E. Values

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as the November CREATE Students of the Month. Each student was publicly recognized at the November BOE meeting.

Aazrum and Board President Tricia Connor Biles
Aazrum Tarar is a 6th grade student who encompasses the vision and mission of LGCSD. She has an extreme love for learning, and her creativity, compassion, and empathy for those in her school, community and the world beyond has helped to leverage her voice as a leader.
Aazrum recently created her own personalized learning experience by putting her skills to work after going on a field trip on the "Floating Classroom." After learning about invasive species and their harmful impact on the lake, Aazrum instinctively capitalized on her strengths to create a public service announcement about invasive species. Her goal was to teach others in our community about how they impact our lake and what people can do to help protect our lake. Aazrum collaborated with her classmates to put a video together and spent many additional hours during lunch, after school, and at home editing, creating and enhancing the video. She even took the time to draw each of her classmates using digital tools. Aazrum took learning and leading to make an impact on her community.
Juliana and Board president Tricia Connor Biles
Juliana Yepes-Hoyos raised the bar to challenge herself by taking college-level courses and has risen above all others through this process. She has met every deadline and has excelled in the process of designing a project, obtaining a mentor, executing the project, preparing the paper, and presenting at the Science Symposium. 
Juliana demonstrates a growth mindset with deep skills in reflection that show she is a lifelong learner. She consistently reflects on how she can improve her academics and her personal interactions.
Juliana collaborates with her follow research classmates to plan, organize, and create a science symposium that is 100% student-driven. She is deadline-driven and reflects on ways to structure her time in order to stay on task with her project(s). Additionally, Juliana is a scholar-athlete.