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Empowering Student Leadership and Ideas

Lake George Sixth Grader Aazrum Tarar had a great idea for a club/class over the summer. 

“I was daydreaming about giving a TED Talk,” said Aazrum. “I thought, I’m the only one in my class that does graphic arts, so I can give a TED Talk on that.” 

She shared her idea with a teacher, who referred her to Lake George Elementary School Principal Mr. Conway. Aazrum sent Mr. Conway a very detailed email proposing her idea. Mr. Conway then met with with Aazrum, and they talked about how she could bring her idea to fruition. From there, a new club/class was born.

“This is the first time that an after-school club was run by a student as the teacher and not the adult,” said Mr. Conway.  

“Students are empowered to bring an idea forward and make it happen,” said Mr. Conway. “That's the essence of what we're creating with leadership here at Lake George Elementary School.”

Mr. Conway reached out to ask Art Teacher Mrs. Laurin questions about graphic art and to ask if she would be willing to supervise, and Aazrum presented her idea for the class/club to all of her peers at the Georgies awards to inform them of the class. Her first class had six participants. 

Aazrum began her class by demonstrating how to use the paint app, Medibang. Aazrum has been drawing with the app for years and has even created her own characters. She showed her peers how to use layers to add color and explained what each of the brush tools could be used to achieve different effects. After the girls began drawing and/or painting, Aazrum helped them troubleshoot and answered any questions they had.

Aazrum’s after-school class will continue two more times in December. This student-led activity is just one example of the student leadership for which Lake George Elementary School is known.

Great job Aazrum!