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Special Guest Brought Flavors and Vocabulary to Life

Students in Mrs. Cornell's 11th grade Spanish classes learned about unique Mexican cooking utensils and ingredients from a special guest, Mrs. Amy Persons.

Señora Persons was a recipe tester and contributor to the book "Many Cultures One Cuisine" by Marilyn Tausend. She arranges culinary tours for chefs and home enthusiasts through her business, Kitchen Routes Culinary Travels. She also leads art tours in Spain and Mexico for Bellisima Art Escapes.

Señora Persons shared food for the students to sample and encouraged them to practice making their own "tortillas" with Play-Doh. She brought spices that are used in Mexican dishes and explained the difference between everyday meals and "fiesta" dishes.

The students enhanced their understanding of Spanish words and phrases, especially those relating to food. For instance, there is no need to order "cheese quesadillas" because the word "quesadilla" contains the root word for cheese.

Gracias Señora Persons!