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Budget Results Are In


We are pleased to announce the annual budget for the 2019-20 school year was approved. The bus proposition was also approved. Thank you to all who came out to vote.


"On behalf of the Board of Education, students, faculty, staff, and administration, I would like to thank the residents of the Lake George Central School District for approving the 2019-2020 spending plan and bus proposition," said Superintendent Lynne Rutnik. "I would also like to extend sincere congratulations to Linda King, Melissa Seale, Maryanne McKenzie on being elected to the LGCSD Board of Education. I look forward to their partnership in the years to come."

Budget VOTE Results

  • Yes Vote = #652

  • No Vote = #181

  • Invalid = #4


Bus Proposition:

  • Yes Vote = #670

  • No vote = #161

  • Invalid = #4


BoE Members;

  • Linda King (Votes = 522)

  • Courtney Richichi (Votes = 348)

  • Maryanne MacKenzie (Votes = 530)

  • Melissa Seale (Votes = 513)

  • Jason Willett (Votes = 326)