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Students Learn About Vascular Health

Almost 20 schools from Albany to Lake George participated in "V-Healthy Day" to learn about the importance of heart health. V-Healthy Day was created by the Center for Vascular Awareness to educate students and families through hands-on workshops and real-life stories.  

Mrs. McGrath's class welcomed Dr. Stevens, two Registered Nurses, a patient who has been through some of the procedures, and a technician who works with patients and devices such as blood pressure cuffs on a daily basis. 

Thirteen Lake George students were inspired to participate in a scholarship competition that has the potential to earn them up to $5,000. These students took home blood pressure cuffs to record adults' blood pressure for one week. After, they will write essays or create public service announcements (PSAs) about the importance of vascular health and submit their entries into the contest.