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Elementary Students Brought Science to Life

The 2019 Science Fair was built around one dimension of the NYS Science Learning Standards  – the Science and Engineering practices. These practices are how students “do” the science and engineering.

Each grade level did a project based on a particular science unit:

  • Kindergarten – Asked questions about the weather
  • Grade 1 – Developed and used models to discover how moths disguise themselves
  • Grade 2 – Planned and carried out investigations to answer: 1) How can I build a catapult? And 2) which will go further off a catapult, a cotton ball or a ping pong ball?
  • Grade 3 – Analyzed and interpreted data to research countries outside the U.S. and learn about their climate and weather
  • Grade 4 – Developed and used models to demonstrate understanding of the internal and external structures of animals
  • Grade 5 – Analyzed and interpreted data to create a food chain based on a chosen ecosystem with at least five connecting organisms
  • Grade 6 – Constructed explanations and designed solutions on the broad topic of earth and space systems

Students who completed a science project outside of school were invited to display their work in the gym for families and community members to enjoy. There were nearly 40 individual student projects in addition to the class projects.