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The BOE is Pleased to Announce Members of the K-12 Community Advisory Committee

At the December 2018 Board of Education meeting, the Lake George Central School District BOE agreed to form a K-12 Community Advisory Committee to help it reach its identified goals. The Advisory Committee's purpose is to spend time and focus on a particular topic then provide advice to the Board of Education. 

The Board used a survey to identify a topic and a pool of volunteers who would be interested in serving on the committee. A total of 19 district residents were interested in the topic of long-term, meaningful community engagement. Their names were put into a container and drawn at random by students to fill each membership category (please note there were two categories that were not competitive: faculty/staff and business community). The categories included faculty/staff (one from each building); volunteers with experience in Special Education; one parent from each level k-5, 6-8, 9-12; the business community; and resident.

The Board of Education is pleased to announce the following volunteers have been selected to serve on the K-12 Community Advisory Committee: Lynsey Whiting, Bonnie Hart, Larissa Cardone, David Klein, Kyle McFarland, Jennifer Casabonne, Jennifer Metevier, Cody Stempien, Melissa Rose, and Virginia Etu.

This committee will be asked to contribute ideas, research, expertise, and personal perspectives to the Board of Education surrounding a specific topic that helps advance the board and district goals. The volunteer commitment is one year or until a recommendation is made on a specific item. Meetings will be held monthly at a time to be determined by the committee. The committee will present recommendations to the BOE at the June meeting.

Although the committee is an advisory committee and not a decision making committee, the BOE pledges to take committee recommendations under thoughtful consideration in developing policy and when governing the district.