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Students Improved Their French and Spanish Language Skills Through Art

Over 20 students in grades 5 and 6 participated in a new afterschool activity called Read to Paint. Ms. Nathalie Martineau applied for and received a grant from the Adirondack Foreign Language Enhancement Fund to pay for the program, which encouraged students to read directions in French or Spanish in order to create an acrylic painting.

Students read a description of a painting that was inspired by the work of a famous European painter. They were encouraged to utilize French and Spanish vocabulary words to talk about their paintings. They worked on translation, took notes, and drew sketches at school, then painted at home with their own easels and canvas provided by the grant money.

All of the students’ artwork is currently on display at the beautiful Caldwell-Lake George Library. The Read to Paint students organized an Exhibit Opening on January 10, 2019 with the library staff, including designing invitations, creating a video overview of their experiences, and making refreshments for the reception.

Senior High Art and World Languages students judged the younger students’ artwork using several criteria including color, creativity, and translation skills. The winners were announced at the Exhibit Opening. Congratulations to first place artist Becca Pape, second place artist Grace Barber and third place artist Ava Swinton.

“Read to Paint gave students another opportunity to showcase their leadership skills,” said Ms. Martineau. “The program and competition tie in with Goals 4 and 5, cultivate student leadership, engagement and diversity and cultivate community partners.”

The Read to Paint Program was made possible by a generous grant from the Adirondack Foundation.